Federal prosecutors believe that corrupt Silk Road investigator Shaun Bridges had co-conspirators who are still at large.

In December 2015, Bridges was sentenced to 71 months in jail for pocketing $820,000 worth of Bitcoin during the Silk Road investigation.

Earlier this month, Bridges was re-arrested and had his property seized, just one day before he was scheduled to turn himself in to begin serving his sentence.

The details of the second arrest are still under wraps but authorities said Bridges was found with a two bags containing a passport, corporate records for three offshore accounts and a bulletproof vest, according to court documents.

In a response to Bridges's motion to unseal the search warrant used in his most recent arrest, prosecutors opposed the request, claiming that it would alert Bridges and or his co-conspirators  to the government's knowledge and investigation and could allow them to cover up the full extent of their alleged crimes.

“In sum, the government believes through evidence gathered to date that Bridges, working with others, has committed a series of additional crimes, including crimes that took place both before and after the date of the entry of his guilty pleas and sentencing,” prosecutors said in the motion. 

UPDATE: Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbritch, who is currently serving a life sentence, has started selling his artwork online to help raise money for his legal fees.