On the heels of the “Celebgate” hacker's guilty plea, cybercriminals have allegedly stolen intimate photos of Adele, Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles.

Several private pictures of the “Hello” singer, including photos of her five-month ultrasound and a photo of the Academy Award winner in her childhood were posted to a private “mega-fan” Facebook group,The Sun reported.

Rumor has it, the alleged hacker accessed the images through Adele's partner Simon Konecki's email account, the publication reported.

Fellow British singer Harry Styles also had private photos stolen by a crazed admirer who is believed to have gained access to the pictures through iCloud account of the singer's mother, according to reports.

More than a dozen pictures of the One Direction singer were posted online, including private vacation photos from a New Years Eve trip to St. Barts with Kendall Jenner.

It is unclear if the incidents are related.

Tripwire's Director of IT Security and Risk Strategy Tim Erlin told SCMagazine.com via emailed comments this likely won't be the last time celebrity photos are targeted in cyberattacks.

“With the way that devices and services are interconnected today, it can be difficult to understand which data is shared with others or with third parties,” Erlin said. “Any time data, including photos, leaves your device, it's put at greater risk."

Erlin said even if a sender has chosen a strong password, the recipient might not be as diligent and could provide an attack portal to the sender's information.