Strategy, Policy, Compliance

Leverage automation to streamline compliance and elevate security

June 15, 2021
Today’s columnist, Rahat Sethi of Adobe, offers a strategy for security automation. coolcaesar CreativeCommons CC BY-SA 4.0
  • Continuously monitor the ongoing needs of compliance: An automated compliance platform can deliver comprehensive insight into the state of compliance for a product straight from the source, allowing the company to stay on top of security requirements.
  • Reduce manual intervention and compliance tasks: By automating compliance efforts, teams can reduce human error from manual extraction of audit artifacts. Automation also relieves teams of mundane tasks so they can focus more on what matters, making our products exceptional.
  • Near real-time view into controls and state of compliance: This view lets teams have continuous monitoring, providing real-time status and automated checks to more quickly control potential deviations earlier in the audit cycle.
  • Enhance organizational security: Implementing a visualization dashboard within your automated platform allows teams to have a consolidated and precise one-stop view into compliance activities, assisting in control of potential failures and risk areas.
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