Drone maker DJI has launched a bug bounty program offering rewards ranging from $100 to $30,000 to those who find, disclose and remediate issues affecting the security of DJI's software.

Hackers and drone enthusiasts have been able to jailbreak the drone's software enabling the devices to circumvent built in restrictions, such as elevation limits and speed. The company admitted in a release that cybersecurity researchers have raised concerns over their product's security in social media, but had no formal way to communicate with these people.

“The DJI Threat Identification Reward Program is part of a renewed focus on addressing concerns about DJI product security, including new efforts to partner with security researchers and academics who have a common goal of trying to improve the security and stability of DJI products. DJI is also implementing a new multi-step internal approval process to review and evaluate new app software before it is released to ensure its security, reliability and stability,” the company stated.