Data Security

First Look: PrivafyCentral

Company Name: Privafy Security Services

Product Name: PrivafyCentral

Basic Price: $150 per month per location

What it does: Creates a more secure internet experience by addressing the most challenging issues plaguing data-in-motion security for enterprises of all sizes.

What we liked: The customizable setup allows businesses to effectively manage data-in-motion without the need for excess spending.

The Bottom Line: The all in one dashboard provides a three-fold protection and management platform that delivers cost-effective monitoring for data-in-motion.

When considering data threats in the workplace, the first things that typically come to mind are compromised hardware and inattentive employees. These threat scenarios can occur when data is at rest or in use and they are an underlying root cause for most security breaches that occur each year. There are, however, three states of data, the previous two scenarios occur with data stored on a device or backup medium with data in motion serving as the third state. The first form of data in motion is information that flows over the public or an untrusted network like the Internet, while the second is data that flows through the confines of a private network such as a corporate or enterprise local area network (LAN).

Despite the widespread threat exposure for data-in-motion, there are few organizations that actively focus on protecting it. Those companies that do use a traditional network security approach that is flawed, outdated and overpriced. In response, Privafy Security Services has the singular goal of protecting data-in-motion by creating a more secure experience for enterprises using data in the cloud and internet.

When building its platform Privafy focused on three primary objectives. The first was to create a comprehensive, full-stack integrated solution. The second was to make it affordable, literally costing a fraction of other legacy solutions. The final objective was to make it easy to use, which was accomplished with a web-based administration feature that allows non-cybersecurity professionals to self-provision and self-manage the platform.

The complete platform is comprised of three components – CloudEdge, AppEdge and NetEdge; each of which provides a unique capability to protect data-in-motion:

CloudEdge: Protects cloud-based workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and private clouds. It was specifically designed to secure data in cloud environments and includes secure connectivity to facilitate data transfer among physical locations.

AppEdge: Provides secure connectivity for remote workforce employees on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux. AppEdge features a remote access function that facilitates secure transfer of workloads from anywhere. It is also great for BYOD environments as it enforces segmentation between personal and office traffic.

NetEdge: Delivers secure on-premises connectivity that is tamper-resistant and clone-proof. NetEdge works to secure the data-in-motion at physical locations with throughput speeds up to 1Gbps. It features bank-grade, tamper-resistant design for physical security. Additionally, there are dual WAN and LAN support for companies with physical device redundancy to ensure time and money are not wasted.

While each of these tools fills a much-needed void for protecting different data-in-motion scenarios, the obvious question is: how does it all come together? Enter PrivafyCentral, which provides a unified dashboard view that integrates all product offerings. The dashboard enforces enterprise security policies with threat monitoring and remediation across all devices and locations. PrivafyCentral is the perfect tool for any enterprise trying to effectively secure data-in-motion. It includes fully customizable features that allow for proper scaling up or down depending on the individual needs of an organization.

From a licensing perspective, most customers go with Privafy’s business-level offering, which costs $150 per month for each location monitored. There are several features that can be added or removed depending on the individual client’s needs. Contact Privafy directly for the best tailored offer.

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