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First Look: Secure Data’s SecureDrive BT

Company Name: Secure Data

Product Name: SecureDrive BT

Basic Price: $250-$3,700 for 250GB to 8TB SSP

What it does: A hardware encrypted storage device that unlocks wirelessly with a mobile device via Bluetooth.

What we liked: The remote management-ready capability allows for total control over every aspect of the drive no matter where it’s located or who has it.

The Bottom Line: SecureDrive BT operates as a powerful hardware encrypted storage device that simplifies authentication and remote management.

Companies face the ongoing threat of information loss due to compromised removable drives such as hard drives or USB sticks. A recent survey of 400 IT professionals conducted by Apricorn revealed that most employees use USB drives on a recurring basis, leaving companies vulnerable to data loss when drives are misplaced or left unattended. The survey also found that 80 percent of employees use non-encrypted USB drives, which reinforces the need for securing data to avoid loss and the potential of introducing malware to a company’s host systems. Secure Data addresses these issues through a new line of SecureDrive BT and SecureUSB BT (Bluetooth) products.

            Secure Data has become well-known as a go-to encrypted storage device provider with the SecureDrive BT technology platform. Using Bluetooth capabilities to authenticate users , the encrypted storage devices streamline authentication through Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices. The SecureDrive BT addresses four main points that ensure Secure Data stays a step ahead of the competition: security, ease of use, compatibility and management. By focusing on these important objectives the company has created the first-ever encrypted offline storage device that’s FIPS-validated.  

            The SecureDrive BT boasts several ease-of-use and compatibility features that make it stand out. To start, it’s a FIPS 140-2 level 3 validated drive for Bluetooth connection, the only one of its kind. The SecureDrive BT takes compatibility to the next level with an independent host OS, meaning the SecureDrive will work with any OS. Seamless usage on all devices lets users connect wirelessly to the hard drive via a smartphone/tablet, or even an Apple Watch, with full disk AES256-bit XTS hardware encryption. There are no drivers or software to update; all encryption and authentication gets performed directly on the device. SecureDrive BT also uses two-factor authentication, which lets users register a mobile phone number to receive a special code each time they attempt to unlock the drive.

            Users of the SecureDrive BT can also remotely wipe the drive with a unique command if it’s lost or stolen. The remote wipe feature offers complete control over what happens to the information on the device. Additionally, the interior parts of every SecureDrive BT are covered in epoxy, essentially removing any worry of intact media/data removal through hardware brute forcing. The Bluetooth models also have a step-away auto lock, which locks the drive when the iOS/Android device that’s Bluetooth connected is moved about 10 feet away from the drive for longer than five seconds. Thus, removing any threat unauthenticated data access when a user steps away from their desktop. In addition to the step-away auto lock there’s an inactivity auto lock as well. To protect against brute force attacks, SecureDrive BT allows 10 consecutive incorrect password attempts before all information will be crypto erased.

For the full power of these drives to be truly appreciated, one must look at the remote management aspects of the SecureDrive BT, otherwise known as remote management-ready. Users can remotely manage the SecureDrive BT via a web console that lets organizations control where and when the drives can get accessed with Geo-fencing and Time-Fencing. These functions are perfect for any company that wants to limit an employee’s device login credentials to access from the office, during office hours. Additional features include remote unlock, change of password, remote wipe, or disable access even if the user has set a password. This remote management lets companies ensure they are protected on all fronts from preventing loss.  

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It’s clear that SecureDrive BT has changed the face of encrypted hardware storage solutions for the better. With a streamlined approach and focus, the team at Secure Data has created a practical tool for those who care about protecting sensitive data at the company or personal use level.

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