Three months after introducing anti-phishing security checks in Gmail for Android products, Google has extended this feature to iOS devices as well.

This new layer of protection will display a warning prompt whenever iOS device owners click a suspicious link inside a Gmail message.

"This link leads to an untrusted site. are you sure you want to proceed...?" the prompt will read.

Additionally, users who click on a link that Google knows to be dangerous will receive an even more strongly worded alert, warning that the site they are about to visit is a forgery designed to steal financial, personal, or sensitive information.

"These warnings are intended to prevent harmful phishing attacks and help you keep your account safe," Google stated in an Aug. 10 blog post, adding that that the feature would gradually roll out over the next 15 days. 

In an ESET blog post on Monday, security researcher Graham Cluley addressed Google's latest security feature: "I can easily picture that this new functionality in the Gmail app will be of benefit to many iOS users who might otherwise be duped into visiting a dangerous website and handing over their personal information," he wrote.