Auto entertainment systems provider Harman Kardon said Monday that only Chrysler vehicles were supplied with potentially exploitable infotainment systems, despite the fact that a federal probe has been opened to investigate if the systems were installed in other car brands.

A Harman Kardon spokesman told that the company has informed its other original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of its findings.

“The system that was hacked is unique to Chrysler,” the company said. "Of course, we will continue to cooperate with NHTSA and respond to any questions they may have."

After a pair of researchers discovered an exploit that allows an attacker to take control in Uconnect-enabled Fiat Chryslers, the NHTSA launched an investigation to see if the Harman-made auto infotainment systems installed in other car brands were also vulnerable to hackers. 

The vulnerability allows hackers to access the vehicle's networked control systems and gain control of the vehicle. Fiat Chrysler is in the process of recalling 1.4 million cars to repair the potential security breach.

Harman said it has taken steps in the past to ensure general security measures have been in place.

“Harman offers several security solutions to its OEM customers, including a multi-layer cyber security framework that mitigates vulnerabilities, including secure Over-The-Air updating,” the company said in a statement.