Hundreds of listings advertising login credentials for the most popular streaming services have been spotted on the dark web for the average price of less than a month's paid service on nearly any one of the platforms.

Hundreds of stolen Netflix, HBO, DirecTV and Hulu accounts found at an average price of $8.81, less than the cost of a monthly subscription for most of the services which range from $7.99 per month for Hulu's lowest tier plan to $15 per month for HBO Go.

In Aprils 2018, Irdeto researchers discovered 854 listings of OTT credentials from 69 unique sellers across more than 15 dark web marketplaces, the content-security firm told Variety.

Researchers also noted that illegal live streaming has become a global problem as well with an average of 74 million global visits per month to the top 10 live-streaming sites in Q1 2018 with most traffic coming from the U.S., the U.K., and Germany. Irdeto also noted several ads for “fully loaded” set top boxes that had been modified to illegally stream content, on e-commerce sites such as eBay.