Portnox on Wednesday announced the availability of its cloud-native Terminal Access Controller Access Control Server (TACACS+), which aims to let mid-market companies enforce network authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) services and policies for network devices.

The company said TACACS+ allows any organization to deploy this cloud-based technology for up to 100 network devices such as wireless access points and wired switches under the authority of a single administrator.

“We are dedicated to simplifying network security so mid-market IT teams have the same level of visibility and control as their enterprise IT counterparts with unlimited budgets and resources,” said Denny LeCompte, chief executive officer at Portnox.

Cybersecurity products are often out of reach for smaller or mid-market organizations because of their high complexity or cost, said Jim Simpson chief executive officer at Blumira.

“We welcome more vendors emerging in this underserved space, especially because these organizations are often vulnerable to cyberattacks due to a lack of expertise and resources,” Simpson said. “As vendors fill these gaps, cybersecurity will become more accessible to the mid-market.”