The Securiti DataControls Cloud has achieved significant growth with a four-fold increase in total contract value and three-fold increase in annual recurring revenue in fiscal year 2022. The company’s clientele includes Fortune 500 companies such as CNA, Hertz, Alaska Airlines, and Capital One.

Securiti won high praises for improving its market reach and prioritizing customer support 24x7 and was named winner of SC Media’s Best Regulatory Compliance Solution category. The platform regularly gets updated to ensure compliance with data protection laws, and Securiti continues to raise funds and develop its solution, recently securing funding from Capital One Ventures and Citi Ventures.

“We make it possible for enterprises to grant people rights over their data, act as responsible data custodians, abide by international privacy laws and bolster brands to meet growing consumer, regulatory and partner expectations around data privacy,” Securiti told SC Media. “Securiti helps companies collaborate efficiently between organizational silos, reduce costs through tool consolidation, reduce labor through automation, as well as increase accuracy and reduce liability.”

Securiti DataControls Cloud promises real-time visibility into sensitive data and automates privacy compliance, governance, and security. By offering a single data command center and letting organizations retire disjointed systems, Securiti helps enterprises reduce complexity while setting themselves apart from competitors.