The average salary of U.S. senior cybersecurity specialists in Q1 of 2017 was $118,887, according to research from David Foote, cyber analyst at Foote Partners LLP, in a presentation Monday at RiskSec Toronto 2017.

Foote, who specializes in IT salary and skills pay benchmark surveys and market intelligence, also reported that the average salary of a non-senior U.S. cybersecurity specialist in Q1 2017 was $100,279.

Average salaries were determined through a study of cybersecurity professionals across 65 U.S. cities.

Also in the U.S. during Q1:

  • Senior information security analysts were paid an average of $115, 212, while non-senior infosec analysts in Q1 released an average salary of $92,179.
  • Senior security administrators earned an average $88,526, while non-senior admins averaged $75,847 in salary.
  • Security architects earned an average of $123,009.

Noting that the demand for information and cybersecurity talent continues to drive up salaries, Foote said he believes that now is currently "the greatest time since probably the early days of the internet to be working in this field."