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Asset inventory has become a serious security problem

November 8, 2021
Today’s columnist, JJ Guy of Sevco Security, says publishing telemetry data to SIEMs is one aspect in a strategy to develop more effective IT asset management. (Credit: Getty Images)
  • Comprehensive asset inventory. Correlating data from siloed asset tracking tools will help organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of what they own. A cloud-native platform that brings together the information from those disparate tools, while maintaining source attributes, not only gives users a clear view of the enterprise, but allows tailored queries, such as machines in Active Directory that aren’t running a specific patch.
  • Asset telemetry. While it’s important to have a converged inventory, it only offers the current state at a point in time. Telemetry generation via continuous monitoring of endpoints gives organizations an ongoing view of the enterprise, while also answering key questions such as why and how asset counts change.
  • Publishing to other systems. Data on asset telemetry published to SIEMs and log management platforms gives security and IT operations teams easy access to details in addition to alerts, such as who had an IP address or what host had a MAC address. It allows teams to be more effective at remediation without slowing down operations.
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