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1. The Fifth Domain – Richard Clarke – BSW Vault


Richard Clarke
CEO & Chairman at Good Harbor Security Risk Management

Richard Clarke is an internationally known expert on cyber security, having been the first “cyber czar” for the US Government and writing the first National Strategy for Cybersecurity. He is the co-author of nine books, including the NYT #1 best seller, Against All Enemies, and two seminal books on cyber security, Cyber War (2010) and The Fifth Domain (2019). He served in a variety of senior positions in the White House (Special Assistant to the President), Pentagon, and State Department (Assistant Secretary) for over 30 years before teaching at Harvard Kennedy School for five years, being an on-air expert for ABC News for fifteen years, and founding Good Harbor, a cyber risk management consultancy, in 2004. Clarke has served on the board of directors of MultiPlan (nyse:MPLN), Sectigo, Veracode, CarbonBlack, BlueCat Networks, and the Middle East Institute.


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