The State of Identity in the Enterprise – Branden Williams – ESW #260

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Branden Williams
VP, IAM Strategy at Ping Identity

Dr. Branden R. Williams has nearly twenty-five years of experience in business, technology, and cybersecurity as a consultant, strategist, and executive. Dr. Williams has experience working for the largest and smallest institutions as an entrepreneur, practitioner, and advisor. His specialty is navigating complex landscapes—be it compliance, security, technology, or business—and finding innovative solutions that promote growth while reducing risk. He is a practitioner and advisor for operational, engineering, and management of IT and IS tools. He’s held several executive roles in the industry, and served on both the PCICo and EMVCo boards. He is an author of several books on PCI Compliance, and his blog and other publications can be found at his website (


Principal Researcher at The Defenders Initiative
Product Marketer and Content Strategist
Senior Cyber Advisor at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory