Risk Transfer With Engineering Based Cyber Insurance – Fatih Karayumak – PSW #739

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Fatih Karayumak
Cyber Research Lead

Fatih Karayumak is the Cyber Security Research Lead at a large commercial property insurance company. He is a senior information security professional with over 14 years of experience in Cyber Risk Management, Secure Software Development, Security Engineering, Cryptography, ICS&IOT Security.
He started his IT Security career in academia, then worked for various government and military agencies including NATO. Currently he is working in the private sector helping one third of Fortune 1000 companies improve their cyber security postures.
Fatih had also taught Secure Software Development and Human Computer Interaction on graduate level at various colleges in Germany, Turkey and US.


Principal Security Evangelist at Eclypsium
Professor at Roger Williams University
Founder at Guardedrisk
Product Security Research and Analysis Director at Finite State