InfoSec Lessons from Military Strategy, Tactics, and Operational Art – Greg Conti – PSW #752

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Greg Conti
Principal at Kopidion Cybersecurity

Greg Conti is a Principal at Kopidion, a cyber security training and professional services firm. He is a seven-time Black Hat speaker and nine-time DEFCON speaker. He teaches courses at Black Hat Trainings and in private engagements on military strategy and tactics for cybersecurity, information operations, hacking bureaucracy, adversarial thinking, and election security. Formerly he served as Director of Security Research at IronNet, Director of the U.S. Army Cyber Institute, and on the West Point faculty for more than a decade where he led their cybersecurity research, innovation, and education efforts. A former career military intelligence and cyber operations officer he also served at NSA, U.S. Cyber Command, and in two combat zones. Greg is co-author of the recently published book, On Cyber: Towards an Operational Art for Cyber Conflict, as well as approximately 100 articles, papers, and talks covering cyber conflict, dark patterns, security analytics, cybersecurity innovation, and security visualization.


Professor at Roger Williams University
Founder at Guardedrisk
Product Security Research and Analysis Director at Finite State
Senior Cyber Advisor at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory