Understanding DSPM: Data Security Revisited! – Jonathan Roizin – ESW #289

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Jonathan Roizin
CEO at Flow Security

Jonathan Roizin is the CEO and co-founder of Flow Security. He is a cybersecurity expert with 15 years of experience total. Jonathan is a seasoned entrepreneur, founding both Flow Security and mobile app Founder. Prior to founding both companies, Jonathan served as a team leader with Sygnia (acquired by Temasek), where he led cyber investigations for Fortune 500 companies. Jonathan’s cybersecurity experience ranges from vulnerability assessment and host-based forensics to big-data analysis and Linux internals. He also has more than five years of experience with full-stack development, back-end, front-end and mobile. Jonathan began his career as an officer in the IDF’s elite 8200 intelligence unit.


Principal Researcher at The Defenders Initiative
Product Marketer and Content Strategist
VP Traceable.ai, Cyber Angel Investor and Advisor at 90 Degree Ventures