Understanding Web3 Application Security – Sandy Carielli, Martha Bennett – ASW #218

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Sandy Carielli
Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Sandy is a principal analyst at Forrester advising security and risk professionals on application security, with a particular emphasis on the collaboration among security and risk, application development, operations, and business teams. Her research covers topics such as proactive security design, security testing in the software delivery lifecycle, protection of applications in production environments, and remediation of hardware and software flaws.

Martha Bennett
VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Martha serves CIOs and other tech leaders, helping them understand the impact of emerging technologies on their business. She also provides best practice guidance on how to assess and introduce new and emerging technologies. Martha provides in-depth coverage of blockchain technology, Web3 and the metaverse.


Tech Lead at Block
Application Security Engineer at Resilia
Senior Engineering Leader at AWS