Finding Strength in Weakness – the Benefits of Being Vulnerable – Matt Johansen – ESW #315

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Matt Johansen
Creator at Vulnerable U

Matt Johansen is a seasoned security expert with over a decade of experience in various security roles.

Currently, Matt serves as the Principal Security Architect at Reddit, where he focuses on designing and implementing security systems to protect both the company’s employees and its website users. Previously, Matt ran cloud and container security, and then all vulnerability identification, management, and remediation for Bank of America. Matt also worked as the Head of Security at Honest Dollar, a fintech startup acquired by Goldman Sachs, where he built an information security program from scratch.

He is the author of a security newsletter, YouTube Channel, and podcast called Vulnerable U and was previously a writer and a podcast co-host on Liquidmatrix Security Digest. With a diverse and extensive background in cybersecurity, Matt brings valuable insights into the changing landscape of security and the increasing importance of developers in security teams. In his free time, he enjoys sharing his insights on current events, volunteering for various non-profits, and advising several startups.


Principal Researcher at The Defenders Initiative
Product Marketer and Content Strategist