Security Maturity: From Hostage Negotiator to Business Leader – Sandy Dunn – BSW Vault

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Sandy Dunn
CISO at QuarkIQ

Sandy Dunn is a regular speaker on AI Security, Cyber Risk Quantification, and Cybersecurity as well as providing cybersecurity consulting services through QuarkIQ LLC, a CISO advisor to numerous startups, and an Adjunct Professor for BSU’s Cybersecurity Program. She is a core team member of OWASP Top 10 for LLM and OWASP AI Privacy & Security. She has over 20 years of Cybersecurity knowledge from an array of cybersecurity roles including CISO (healthcare and startup), IT Security Architect, Security Engineer, Information Security Officer, Senior Security Strategist, and Competitive Intelligence.


Chief Product Officer at CyberSaint
Independent Consultant & CISO
Chief Operating Officer at Envision Technologies