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HTTP RFCs Have Evolved, Breaking Into Cloud, Scaling AppSec at Netflix, & Confluence – Keith Hoodlet – ASW Vault

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Keith Hoodlet
Keith Hoodlet
Principal Security Specialist at GitHub

Keith Hoodlet is a Principal Security Specialist for the world’s largest Open Source Software development platform – GitHub.

Named as one of the world’s 50 Influential DevSecOps Professionals on Peerlyst in 2019, Keith has worked on projects such as starting the Application Security Weekly podcast (episodes 0 – 55), as well as restarting the InfoSec Mentors Project with Jimmy Vo in 2015. Keith is also known for his work as an ethical hacker and 2018 MVP on the Bugcrowd platform.

In his free time, Keith enjoys thinking, writing about, and discussing complex problems at the crossroads of Software Development and Information Security; he has delivered both talks and trainings globally on the topics of DevSecOps, Secure Software Development, and Web Application Security.


Mike Shema
Mike Shema
Tech Lead at Block