Arcade Hustle – PSW #626

Full episode and show notes


Kevin Finisterre
Co-Founder at Arcade Hustle

Kevin is currently working quietly as an automotive security engineer helping to keep autonomous vehicles safe. Most recently he is perhaps best known for his efforts both crafting and working within a distributed online community to expose vulnerabilities in consumer drone hardware. Many think Kevin’s disclosures are solely responsible for the recent wave of US Government bans on Chinese drone hardware from manufactures like DJI.

Josh Valentine
Co-Founder at Arcade Hustle

Josh is a long-time arcade game enthusiast and collector. Over the past couple of years, he and Kevin have been collecting arcade machines and game platforms. Josh has spent the last 20 years in information security. The majority of that time spent doing offensive work and research. Most recently, he has moved to the dark side, helping clients secure their networks.


Principal Security Evangelist at Eclypsium
Security Analyst at Black Hills Information Security
Product Security Research and Analysis Director, Services Team Lead at Finite State