You’re (probably) Doing AppSec Wrong – Grant Ongers – ASW #102

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Grant Ongers
CSO at Secure Delivery

Co-founder of Secure Delivery and current OWASP Global Foundation board chair, Grant Ongers is a firm believer in security enabling delivery not blocking it. Well-known in the international InfoSec community (it’s hard to forget the beard!), his 10+ years of experience in Dev, 20 years in Ops and 30 years in Sec (mostly white hat) has made him a firm believer that there’s no such thing as DevSecOps – just DevOps done right, and that compliance != security (or the other way around). Alongside his role as CTO within Secure Delivery, Grant provides C-suite advice and guidance on security to FTSE100 enterprises and strategic risk analysis within M&A diligence teams.


Tech Lead at Block
Senior Engineering Leader at AWS
Chief Product Officer at CyberSaint