Security Chaos Engineering – Aaron Rinehart, Casey Rosenthal – ESW #186

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Aaron Rinehart
CTO, Founder at Verica

Aaron has been expanding the possibilities of Chaos Engineering in its application to other safety- critical portions of the IT domain notably cybersecurity. He began pioneering the application of Security in Chaos Engineering during his tenure as the Chief Security Architect at the largest private healthcare company in the world, UnitedHealth Group (UHG). While at UHG Aaron released ChaoSlingr, one of the first open source software releases focused on using Chaos Engineering in cybersecurity to build more resilient systems. Aaron recently founded a Chaos Engineering startup called Verica with Casey Rosenthal from Netflix and is a frequent author, consultant and speaker in the space.

Casey Rosenthal
CEO at Verica

Casey Rosenthal is CEO and cofounder of Verica; formerly the Engineering Manager of the Chaos Engineering Team at Netflix. He has experience with distributed systems, artificial intelligence, translating novel algorithms and academia into working models, and selling a vision of the possible to clients and colleagues alike. His superpower is transforming misaligned teams into high performance teams, and his personal mission is to help people see that something different, something better, is possible. For fun, he models human behavior using personality profiles in Ruby, Erlang, Elixir, and Prolog.


Chief Product Officer at CyberSaint
Principal Security Evangelist at Eclypsium