A Hacker’s View of Security vs. Compliance – @mzbat – SCW #34

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@mzbat NA
Overcommitted Underachiever, PhD in Horribleness at StabOps

Mz. Bat began her legally ambiguous path toward a career in security with a Mac, “borrowed” internet, and ALLEGEDLY phished AOL accounts. She got her first legit tech job with Apple when they recruited her fresh out of grad school. She spent years doing application “QA” and breaking anything and everything she could in the worst possible ways. Fast forward a decade or so and she still breaks shit (when she’s not actually fixing something) and she’s definitely NOT a thought leader. She tweets about her dogs, bats, and goth things that make her happy. She loves the ocean and Sour Patch Kids and she is NOT interested in having security techsplained to her. kthxbye.


Sr. InfoSec Consultant at Online Business Sytems
CEO at AGNES Intelligence
Founder at Guardedrisk