Why Secure Remote Access Is Like The Emperors New Clothes – Charl van der Walt, Wicus Ross – BH20 #1

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Wicus Ross
Senior Security Researcher at Orange Cyberdefense

Wicus Ross is Senior Researcher at Security Research Center for Orange Cyberdefense. He is tasked with investigating industry events and trends, with the single purpose of understanding how these may affect business. Wicus uses his understanding and knowledge to advise customers and threat detection/hunting teams on the appropriate response given the threat or trend.

Charl van der Walt
Global Head of Security Research at Orange Cyberdefense

Charl is a founder of a penetration testing company called SensePost, which was originally based in South Africa but now has global reach since its acquisition by Orange Cyberdefense. He played various roles over his 20 year history with that company, including a stint as CEO in the time preceding the acquisition. In 2020 Charl was appointed to head up the European super-operator’s Security Research division, a role that has him and his team working with diverse datasets and specialists across the group to understand the nature of the security challenges we face and provide insight and guidance on these challenges both internally and externally.


Principal Security Evangelist at Eclypsium