How Backdoors Lead To Breaches & GRC Compliance Issues – David Mundhenk, Ivan Tsarynny – SCW #48

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David Mundhenk
Principal Security Consultant at Herjavec Group

David Mundhenk is an information security, governance, risk and compliance consultant with extensive multi-organizational experience providing a myriad of professional security services to business & government entities worldwide. David has worked as a computer and network systems security professional for 28 years. David’s experience covers a broad spectrum of security disciplines including security compliance assessments, security product quality assurance, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, application security assessments, network and host intrusion detection/prevention, disaster and recovery planning, protocol analysis, formal security training instruction, and social engineering. David has successfully completed 200+ PCI DSS assessments, and scores of PA-DSS assessments.

Ivan Tsarynny
Co-Founder and CEO at Feroot Security

Ivan Tsarynny is CEO and Co-Founder of Feroot Security, Member GDPR Advisory Committee at Standard Council of Canada, and is based in Toronto, Canada.


Sr. InfoSec Consultant at Online Business Sytems
CEO at AGNES Intelligence
Founder at Guardedrisk