Cybersecurity & Integrated Risk Management – Top 10 for Trend 2021 – M. James Gomez – BSW #197

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M. James Gomez
CISO at Cybersec

Chief Information Security Officer with over 35 years of IT, Risk Management, Compliance experience. Industry experience in rocket science, aerospace, healthcare, banking, finance/accounting, automotive, and computer manufacturing. Experiences include CISO, Compliance Director, Project Manager, IT Auditor, Consultant, and Systems Engineer. Companies include Boeing, DaVita/HealthCare Partners, Corelogic, First American, Capital Group, Toyota, Honda, Hewlett-Packard, Wells Fargo, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Corinthian Colleges, EDS, USWeb/ CKS, and Nynex.


Chief Operating Officer at Envision Technologies
Principal Security Evangelist at Eclypsium