Innovative Blue Team Techniques Panel – PSW #677

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David Kennedy
CEO at TrustedSec

David Kennedy is founder of Binary Defense and TrustedSec. Both organizations focus on the betterment of the security industry. David also served as a board of director for the ISC2 organization. David was the former CSO for a Diebold Incorporated where he ran the entire INFOSEC program. David is a co-author of the book “Metasploit: The Penetration Testers Guide”, the creator of the Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET), Artillery, Unicorn, PenTesters Framework, and several popular open source tools. David has been interviewed by several news organizations including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, Katie Couric, and BBC World News. David is the co-host of the social-engineer podcast and on several additional podcasts. David has testified in front of Congress on two occasions on the security around government websites. David is one of the founding authors of the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES); a framework designed to fix the penetration testing industry. David was the co-founder of DerbyCon, a large-scale conference started in Louisville, Kentucky. Prior to the private sector, David worked for the United States Marine Corps and deployed to Iraq twice for intelligence related missions.

Brian Donohue
Intelligence Analyst at Red Canary

Brian has been writing about and researching information security for the last decade. He started his career as a journalist covering security and privacy. He later worked as a threat intelligence analyst, researching adversaries and threat techniques for a variety of major banks, retailers, and manufacturers. At Red Canary, Brian helps support open source tooling, and produces educational resources relating to threat research, intelligence, and detection engineering.

Doug Burks
CEO at Security Onion Solutions

Doug Burks started Security Onion in 2008 to provide a comprehensive platform to help folks peel back the layers of their enterprise and make their adversaries cry. Today, Security Onion has over 1,000,000 downloads and is being used by organizations around the world for threat hunting, enterprise security monitoring, and log management. In 2014, Doug started Security Onion Solutions LLC to help those organizations by providing training, professional services, and hardware appliances. Doug is a CEO, public speaker, teacher, former president of the Greater Augusta ISSA, and co-founder of BSides Augusta, but what he really likes the most is catching bad guys.

Chris Abella
Principal SE at ExtraHop Networks

Chris Abella is a Principal Systems Engineer with ExtraHop Networks, where he has spent eight years delivering network analytics and forensics at scale. His passion for data and applied machine learning shows up in the office and in his personal pursuits. Outside the office, he enjoys being a mediocre runner and passable cook.

Srinivas Mukkamala
RiskSense, Inc.

Dr. Srinivas Mukkamala is a co-founder and the CEO of RiskSense, Inc. He has been researching and developing security technologies for over 15 years, working on malware analytics (focusing on medical control systems and nontraditional computing devices), breach exposure management, web application security, and enterprise risk reduction. Mukkamala was one of the lead researchers for Computational Analysis of Cyber Terrorism against the U.S. (CACTUS). He has been published in over 120 peer-reviewed publications in the areas of information assurance, malware analytics, digital forensics, data mining, and bioinformatics. He has a patent on Intelligent Agents for Distributed Intrusion Detection System and Method of Practicing. Mukkamala received his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Madras, before obtaining his Master of Science and Ph.D. in Computer Science from New Mexico Tech.


Principal Security Evangelist at Eclypsium
Professor at Roger Williams University
Sr. InfoSec Consultant at Online Business Sytems
Security Analyst at Black Hills Information Security
Product Security Research and Analysis Director at Finite State
Senior Cyber Advisor at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Director of Offensive Security & Research at Trimarc Security, Founder & CEO at Dark Element