Medical Device Secure Development Lifecycle – Christopher Gates – BSW #210

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Christopher Gates
Director of Product Security at Velentium

Christopher is Velentium’s Director of Product Security, overseeing the company’s Cybersecurity division. Christopher has worked for over 40 years developing medical devices, the last 12 of which have been dedicated to device cybersecurity.

Christopher describes himself as a prophet who evangelizes the benefits of a secure development lifecycle, not only to increase a device’s security but also to ease the burden of the developer and ensure the high-quality outcome of the product itself. Christopher is on a five year mission to raise the level of cybersecurity in the medical device industry, this started with the first and only book published about Medical Device Cybersecurity and is continuing with certified training in embedded cybersecurity for medical device manufacturers.


Principal Researcher at The Defenders Initiative
Chief Operating Officer at Envision Technologies
Principal Security Evangelist at Eclypsium