HIP, HIP, HIPAA, Part 1 – Jordan Wiseman – SCW #79

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Jordan Wiseman
Principal Consultant at Online Business Systems

Jordan is an information, technology, and security expert who has spent more than 23 years removing barriers, improving security, and making lives better through technology. He combines practical technology experience with modern business skills to protect people and data. Jordan is highly knowledgeable in information security strategy, assessment, and design; experienced in cloud-based security, compliance, and integration; and an expert in information risk assessment, remediation, planning, and management.

Currently, Jordan is a Principal Consultant with Online Business Systems’ Risk, Security, and Privacy team where he works with clients in several sectors as a VCISO, as a guide for cloud security and compliance, and as an advisor and assessor for PCI, P2PE, ePHI, and other personal data privacy.


Sr. InfoSec Consultant at Online Business Sytems
Founder at Guardedrisk