Dev(Sec)Ops Scanning Challenges & Tips – Nuno Loureiro, Tiago Mendo – ASW #170

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Nuno Loureiro
CEO at Probely

Nuno is a Co-Founder and the CEO of Probely. In the past, he led an Application Security team at a Telco Provider, where he provided training on secure coding, security guidance during the development lifecycle of projects, performed penetration testing, and implemented PCI-DSS across the organization.

He holds an MSc in Information Security from Carnegie Mellon University.

Tiago Mendo
CTO at Probely

CTO and Co-founder of Probely, a cybersecurity startup that does web application security scanning as a service. He has 17+ years of experience in information security, builder of a web app security team, programmer, pentester, and father. Master in Information Technology/Information Security by the Carnegie Mellon University. Travel addicted.


Tech Lead at Block
Senior Engineering Leader at AWS