The Security Hippie, Part 1 – Barak Engel – SCW #99

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Barak Engel
Founder/CEO/Chief Geek at EAmmune

As the pioneer of the vCISO concept and original vCISO, Barak has served as CISO in dozens of organizations including Stubhub, Mulesoft, Amplitude Analytics, BetterUp, and many others, usually a few at a time. His consulting firm, EAmmune, has managed security programs for hundreds of brands globally. Barak has made numerous contributions to the field with his thought-provoking insights about security as a human discipline and business enabler. His first book, “Why CISOs Fail”, was inducted in 2021 into the Cybercannon, with a second edition set for release in March 2024. His second book, “The Security Hippie”, was released in 2022.

Barak serves on multiple security company advisory boards, is a member of the Theia Institute, a security think tank, and a board member in several non-profit organizations.


Sr. InfoSec Consultant at Online Business Sytems