Answer This Question, Partner Across Teams, & Future of Cyber Insurance – BSW #252

In the leadership and communications section, Answer this question to assess your leadership, Partner Across Teams to Create a Cybersecurity Culture, The Future of Cyber Insurance, and more!

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Matt Alderman
Matt Alderman
VP, Product at Living Security
  1. 1. Answer this question to assess your leadership - Are the people around you better because of you? The first role of a leadership is to lead yourself. And remember: 1. We lead people 2. We manage process 3. And boss no one
  2. 2. Using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to Execute Your Strategy - OKRs were created to target strategy execution. They answer the question of, “How do I translate the big-picture, long-term strategy into actionable, short-term work for my team?” To be specific: - Objectives — What do we want to achieve by the end of the strategic timeframe to get us closer to our Vision? Objectives are the “What”. - Key Results — What business outcomes can we measure that show progress toward our Objectives? Key Results are the “How”.
  3. 3. Everyone Wants a Seat at the Table: CISO + CIO Roles Evolve - Does the CISO report to the CIO? Does the CIO report to the CISO? Should those roles be combined? Why or why not? What does the evolution of the CISO and the role’s increasing visibility mean and why is it happening now?
  4. 4. Partner Across Teams to Create a Cybersecurity Culture – The New Stack - In this articel, we’re going to talk about how to partner with others in your organization to help transform your people into a well-trained cybersecurity unit that keeps your critical systems safe. Step 1: Start at the Top for Leadership Buy-In Step 2: Engage Human Resources to Support Training Step 3: Regular and Creative Training for Everyone Step 4: Deputize Your Software Engineering Resources Step 5: Focus Security Team on What Matters Most
  5. 5. Why Becoming a Data-Driven Organization Is So Hard - Being data-driven has been a priority for companies for decades — but many have seen mixed results. Why? According to a new survey of executives, company culture is a harder hurdle to clear than any technical problem. On top of that, the continuing explosion of the amount of data and growing concerns over privacy and data ownership keep making the task harder. The author offers three principles to help companies achieve their goals.
  6. 6. The Future of Cyber Insurance - Aside from raising premiums, some insurers are reducing coverage for specific industries, including education and healthcare, limiting how much cyber coverage they offer or restricting contract terms. Some are extending standalone policies for cyber-risk rather than bundling it with wider coverage.
Jason Albuquerque
Jason Albuquerque
Chief Operating Officer at Envision Technologies
Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson
Director of Offensive Security & Research at Trimarc and Founder & CEO of Dark Element at Trimarc Security
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