Pivoting Tools Through Meterpreter – Tradecraft Security Weekly #16

There are a ton of modules in Metasploit that are extremely useful for performing various attacks post-exploitation. But sometimes there are external tools that you might want to use that are not included in Metasploit. It's possible to proxy other external tools through a Meterpreter session using a module in Metasploit and proxychains. In this episode Derek Banks (@0xderuke) and Beau Bullock (@dafthack) talk about how to pivot external tools through Meterpreter sessions and demo how to dump Kerberos tickets using this method. LINKS: BHIS Toast to Kerberoast Blog - https://www.blackhillsinfosec.com/a-toast-to-kerberoast/

Full episode and show notes


Paul Asadoorian
Paul Asadoorian
Founder at Security Weekly
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