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Black Hat & DEF CON 2018 – Tradecraft Security Weekly #28

This is the Hacker Summer Camp 2018 edition of Tradecraft Security Weekly. In this week's episode Beau Bullock (@dafthack) talks about some of the more interesting items he saw come out of the Black Hat and DEF CON conferences this year. For Show Links:

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Phishing 2FA Tokens with CredSniper – Tradecraft Security Weekly #25

Organizations are implementing two-factor on more and more web services. The traditional methods for phishing credentials is no longer good enough to gain access to user accounts if 2FA is setup. In this episode Mike Felch (@ustayready) and Beau Bullock (@dafthack) demonstrate a tool that Mike wrote called CredSniper that assists in cloning portals for harvesting two-factor tokens. Links:

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Evading Network-Based Detection Mechanisms – Tradecraft Security Weekly #24

In this episode of Tradecraft Security Weekly hosts Beau Bullock (@dafthack) and Mike Felch (@ustayready) discuss methods for evading network-based detection mechanisms. Many commercial IDS/IPS devices do a pretty decent job of detecting standard pentesting tools like Nmap when no evasion options are used. Additionally, companies are doing a better job at detecting and blocking IP addresses performing password attacks. Proxycannon is a tool that allows pentesters to spin up multiple servers to proxy attempts through to bypass some of these detection mechanisms. Links: Nmap Evasion Options - ProxyCannon -

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HTML5 Storage Exfil via XSS – Tradecraft Security Weekly #23

It is fairly common for pentesters to discover Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities on web application assessments. Exploiting these issues potentially allow access to a user's session tokens enabling attackers to navigate a site as the victim in the context of the web application. In this episode the hosts Beau Bullock (@dafthack) & Mike Felch (@ustayready) demonstrate how to exploit a XSS vulnerability to access HTML5 local storage to steal a cookie. (Sorry the camera video feed froze at 9 minutes)

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Leaking Windows Creds Externally Via MS Office – Tradecraft Security Weekly #21

In this episode of Tradecraft Security Weekly, Mike Felch discusses with Beau Bullock about the possibilities of using framesets in MS Office documents to send Windows password hashes remotely across the Internet. This technique has the ability to bypass many common security controls so add it to your red team toolboxes. Mike Felch (@ustayready) Beau Bullock (@dafthack) LINKS: SensePost Blog -

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Tradecraft Security Weekly #20

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Learn how to use the latest tools and techniques in security, both offense and defense in this hands-on hacking show!

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