Shifting to a Victory Mindset – Michael Meis – PSW #760

This session is a special edition of Paul’s Security Weekly hosted by Paul Asadoorian. He will be joined by Chris Crowley, SOC-Class course author, SANS senior instructor, and consultant at Montance® LLC, to discuss SOC training and development best practices, including insights from the SANS annual SOC survey. He will also interview Michael Meis, associate CISO at the University of Kansas Health System, to discuss how the history of warfare has influenced modern-day cybercrime and how cyber leaders can shift to a victory mindset.

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Michael Meis
Michael Meis
Associate CISO at University of Kansas Health System

Michael is an Army veteran with over 13 years’ experience and a passion for architecting security programs, leading people, and developing world-class security teams. During his career, Michael partnered with the USDA CISO to develop one of the largest consolidations of security services in the federal government. Michael also led the H&R Block Information Security team through a transformation of their GRC operations to instill quantitative cyber risk management practices. Michael currently leads The University of Kansas Health System Cybersecurity team as they protect the critical systems, data, and people that provide lifesaving patient care.

The University of Kansas Health System in Kansas City is a world-class academic medical center and destination for complex care and diagnosis. UKHS offers more options for patients with serious conditions because of their in-house expertise and leadership in medical research and education. UKHS physicians are researchers and educators expanding the boundaries of medical knowledge. Their major breakthroughs lead to the life-changing treatments and technologies of the future.

Additionally, Michael regularly donates his time and expertise to inspire the next generation of leaders and cyber professionals. Michael holds an undergraduate degree in Information Technology Service Management, two graduate degrees including an MBA and an M.S. in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance as well as multiple professional certifications.


Paul Asadoorian
Paul Asadoorian
Founder at Security Weekly
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