Driving cultural change, the ‘Seed Stage’ is now the ‘Seed Gradient’, Prevoty raised $13M Series B, Okta reports earnings, Riskonnect acquired Aruvio, and more!

Article Discussion on Leadership, Innovation, and Startup Success

Getting to the Critical Few Behaviors That Can Drive Cultural Change

  • The power of 3 works when it comes to behaviors, too
  • Highlights the use of the 5 Whys — one of the tools I teach for helping people better answer “What problem are we trying to solve?”
  • When affecting change, what are the keystone behaviors? Start there.
  • What are your implementation criteria?

The power of office back-channeling begins with its mere existence

  • Ah, the ‘back channeling’ that is common in the modern enterprise (and family)
  • Interesting impact on the dynamic of majority and minority opinions
  • If you know the back-channel exists, you are more likely to engage in discussions to understand the other perspectives

The ‘Seed Stage’ is Now The ‘Seed Gradient’

  • Series A is often the fourth institutional round of funding (following accelerators, pre-seed, and seed)
  • While a challenge, plenty of money available for capable startups
  • Consider the downsides of ‘easy money’

Research: If You Position Products as a Set, People Are More Likely to Buy Them All

  • It feels good to finish; understanding this need drives product strategy
  • “Pseudo-set framing” has a dramatic impact
  • It’s about framing, and not the choices themselves (how much is enough?)

The Five Traits of Successful Teams at Google

  • Psychological safety is essential; this is how a team can take risks and still feel safe
  • Structure and clarity
  • Meaning

Startup & Security News You Need to Know

Pre-Seed Venture Aims To Help Startups Do More With Less

  • Basically in response to the increasing size of seed and Series A deals
  • It appears to be a shift to what seed funding was a decade ago
  • Easier to raise a smaller fund than a larger fund; smaller funds make smaller bets (generally)
  • Interesting analysis of modern unicorns and their initial funding rounds (average size of 300-600k)
  • Easier to start, harder to scale…

InterVision Systems acquired Independent Technology Group (undisclosed)

Prevoty raised $13M Series B

Okta reports earnings, moves headquarters and launches free service for startups

  • Focus on the service for startups; not only is this interesting — but it fits into our model of improving the security of business by exploring the business of security; let’s discuss this development and the potential is has
  • At some level, is this like what Elizabeth Lawler talked about on show # … brining open-source programs forward? It’s different… but does this fit that trend?
  • https://www.okta.com/press-room/press-releases/okta-for-startups-launches/
  • “With Okta for Startups, we’ll enable new and growing companies to focus on what’s most important when you’re getting started – your core business and customers – by making it easy (and free) to build a foundation of identity and access management into your app or company infrastructure.”

Riskonnect acquired Aruvio

Blackstone acquired TITUS (undisclosed; $100M rumor)

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