The SPI Dynamics Assessment Management Platform (AMP) is anappliance-based offering. The core component of the AMP offering is theWebInspect application, which is well known in the industry as a leaderin the application vulnerability space. AMP builds on the traditionalWebInspect application to create a hierarchy to allow for users indifferent roles — such as a CIO, security administrator, security tech,engineering manager, QA tester and a developer — to have definedpermissions to the Assessment Management Platform. Each user role canrun subcomponents or all components of the WebInspect software, whichlooks for the security vulnerabilities in published web code.Administration and use of the AMP appliance take place through a webbrowser and a user id/password combination.

The installation of the Assessment Management Platform appliance wasa little more difficult than other appliances we have tested in thepast. The appliance was built from standard Dell hardware that was easyenough to use, but since the appliance is Windows-based, we missed someof the common Linux appliance features, such as a configurable frontpanel to set basic functions (IP address, netmask and default gateway).We had difficulty finding an appropriate DVI adapter to bridge theconnection to our SVGA flat panels. Once again, a Linux-based operatingsystem underneath would allow for a terminal console into the devicemaking the onboard video unnecessary.

SPI Dynamics offers pre- and post-sales support, education and training, as well as a self service portal to a knowledge base.

The pricing for Assessment Management Platform begins at $60,000, sothis places the Assessment Management Platform at the upper end of theprice spectrum. For many smaller organizations, the cost may beprohibitive and the lesser cost of WebInspect may be a better value.

SC Magazine awards the Assessment Management Platform its Best Buy.