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Security Weekly Appearance Guidelines

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Given the high volume of requests, the following guidelines apply to those seeking to appear on our shows:

  1. Security Weekly is open to accommodating guests from the security community, free of charge, provided you (or the guest you are representing) fall into one of two categories:

    1. If the guest has performed research or has experience in the field of information security, hacking, compliance or privacy-related work and that research/knowledge is made available to the public free of charge;
    2. If the guest has created or contributed to an open-source and/or free software project that benefits to the security community.
  2. If you are, or represent, a security or technology vendor (e.g. you sell software, hardware, and/or you provide security and/or other professional services) and you are requesting someone from your organization appear on the show, and you do not meet the guidelines in option 1a or 1b above, then please send email to [email protected]. We have several advertising packages available and would love to work with you to find a program that works for you. Please note if you are working for a security vendor and would like to appear on a Security Weekly show to speak on a topic that is in direct alignment with your business and aims to promote your commercial business, again we are happy to put you in touch with our sales team.

    1. If you are contacting us to request a “rate card” and want nothing more, we apologize as we work exclusively with organizations willing to build successful marketing programs that leverage our podcasts and webcasts.
  3. If you are contacting us on behalf of another organization (e.g. you work for a Public Relations company), we are happy to work with you as well provided: The content you are recommending fits in either 1a or 1b, or you are willing to work with us and your client to build a successful marketing campaign that incorporates our podcasts and/or webcasts.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest a guest or speak with us about advertising, please send an email to [email protected].