INSECURE Magazine Issue 17 has been released for July 2008 and contains an article written by yours truly. I want to first give credit where credit is due to Charlie Vedda from the Packet Protector project, who was instrumental in putting some firmware together in order to make this project a reality. This is a project I have been tinkering with for quite some time and am excited to finally have it in print. Also, special thanks to Larry who helped me with some early versions of the project as well.
So, how do you build a “secure” wireless network on the cheap? (Note “secure” is in quotes, and I do the double finger quote thing when I say it too). Well, you’ll just have to read the article I guess, but here’s an excerpt:

“Many organizations are faced with the challenge of providing a “guest” wireless network. This network is intended to provide your guests, such as contractors, visiting faculty, patients, or training rooms, consultants, with wireless access to the network. In most cases guests will require access to the Internet, with little or no need to connect to your organizations private network. There are many ways to solve this problem, with the best being to purchase a separate Internet service and completely separate it from the rest of your network.”

The article then goes on to tell how to build the network and various other security tips. This is based on many experiences I’ve had both attacking wireless networks and having to defend them, so I hope you can put it to good use!