It looks like we will find out exactly what is going on, however we will have to wait until ToorCon 8 where Cache and Maynor will give a presentation:

Recently we gave a public demonstration of an exploit in a wireless device driver. We thought it was timely, important, but most importantly it was super cool. Since the first details of our demo were reported two camps instantly formed, people who thought the work and research was good and people thought we faked everything and we are horrible people. How could opinions differ go greatly? What is the story behind exactly what happened and more importantly what does this response mean for the security industry as a whole? This presentation won’t be a typical as it will cover the complete story, but it will also offer analysis and commentary of public responses while at the same time giving anyone who has a question a chance to have it answered.

I am a little disappointed that we have to wait a month before we can hear the real story, however I am certain that they have good reasons for doing it this way. I will speculate that a month gives vendors more time to fix vulnerabilities, Mac enthusiasts to make even bigger fools of themselves, and skeptics to report yet even more wacky conspiracy theories. As we have stated, we are standing behind the security researchers on this one and waiting until we have all the facts before we report any real details. For now, my suggestion is to keep your wireless card turned off when not in use.