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How to train your team on data privacy.

Phishing campaign spoofs security awareness training notifications

That anti-phishing training email your employees just received may, ironically, actually be a phishing email, according to cyber threat analysts who recently uncovered a security awareness-themed online social engineering campaign. In a blog post on Wednesday, experts at Cofense reported on a phishing campaign that sends emails purporting to be a notification urging employees to…

DNA companies vulnerable to phishing, privacy violations after attacks

A malicious server compromise recently confirmed by DNA investigation services provider GEDmatch serves as a reminder of the incident response challenges and privacy ramifications that companies face when they trade in sensitive data – in this case, DNA, the most personal of data – especially when such incidents create unique opportunities for targeted phishing campaigns. Owned by…

To reduce security errors, employers must relieve stress and fatigue

Working professionals are blaming stress, time pressure, fatigue and distractions for lapses in safe cyber practices – and current conditions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic may only be exacerbating the problem. According to a newly published research report from Tessian, a survey of 2,000 working professionals in the U.S. and UK found that 43 percent…

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