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Amazon’s Ring allegedly let employees access customer video feeds


Amazon’s Ring devices reportedly granted the company’s Ukraine-based research and development team as well as U.S. executives and engineers virtually unfettered round the clock access to live feeds from some customer’s cameras, claims which Ring denies. The workers, regardless of whether they needed the information or not, allegedly had access to a folder on Amazon’s…

Federal appeals court says police must get warrants for wireless location data

Report: Wireless geolocation data being resold to unauthorized parties


U.S. mobile carriers T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T have been sharing customers’ geolocation information with third-party partners, who go on to sell that data to additional companies until it winds up in the hands of unauthorized individuals. Citing anonymous sources, a new exposé from Motherboard focuses heavily on the credit reporting company MicroBilt, which is known to purchase carrier…

California forecast: Mostly sunny with a chance of a Weather Channel privacy lawsuit


The State of California is suing The Weather Company (TWC) for allegedly misleading users about why their extremely precise location data was needed. The lawsuit claims TWC  told its users that it collects data to personalize alerts and forecast but in reality, uses the data to profit from the selling of location data to advertisers,…

Candid Candiru: Report dredges up details on secretive spyware company


A report from Israeli news outlet Haaretz has ever so slightly lifted the veil on what may be Israel’s second largest commercial provider of offensive cyber tools and spyware, a clandestine company called Candiru. The candiru is South American parasitic catfish that, according to legend, invades swimmers’ urethras. Much like the fish after which it…

Puush urges users to change passwords after cyber attack

Online security firm Abine suffers breach


The online privacy and password management firm Abine reported a data breach that exposed users names, emails and portions of their login credentials of those using its Blur product. Blur, which is owned by Abine Inc., became aware on Dec. 13, 2018, that information from users who had registered their accounts with the company before…

Not using Facebook? Apps still sharing your data with the company, says study


A newly released study of 34 prominent Android apps found that roughly 68 percent of them share user data with Facebook even when the device operator isn’t actively logged into the social media service or, for that matter, never created a Facebook account. In such instances, the apps typically communicate to the social media giant…

2018 Top Cyberthreats


It was clear it was going to be an intense year the cybersecurity industry when, just days after ringing in 2018, researchers announced a vulnerability found in essentially all CPU processors made over the previous two decades. From there, things only got busier, with news of Russian exploits, new ransomware families and much, much more.…

Report: Boomoji app developer leaves customer data exposed on open database


The developers of make-your-own-avatar app Boomoji reportedly neglected to password-protect two of their internet-connected databases, thus publicly exposing the personal data of roughly 5.3 million users. The wide-open databases, from Elasticsearch, stored users’ names, genders, countries and phone types all in plain text, TechCrunch reported yesterday. Moreover, the databases also contained unique user IDs, each…

USSS test facial recognition pilot at White House


Travelers to the Washington D.C., area should avoid visiting the White House if they don’t want their faces captured and logged in a new Secret Service-operated surveillance program. The program, currently just a pilot, will seek to test the agency’s ability to verify the identities of a test population of volunteer USSS employees. “Ultimately, the…

Data breaches hit several organizations across the Southern US and West Coast

Furry erotica site ‘High Tail Hall’ exposed data of nearly 500K users


An Adult furry erotica site High Tail Hall suffered a data breach exposing the information of 411,755 fury fans. The breach occurred in August 2018 of site featuring a customizable role playing game video game featuring sexualized animals leaked customer records including mail addresses, names and order histories, according to Have I Been Pwned. Have…

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