Building a Multi-layered Approach to Securing Access

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No organization is immune to the sophisticated methods today’s threat actors are using, from bypassing traditional authentication tools to hijacking users’ web sessions. And no single tool on its own can protect against these attacks – especially at a time when:

  • Key initiatives, such as cloud migrations, are driven by an ecosystem of users, each tied to digital identities used for accessing what they need.
  • These identities often have far more access than needed to sensitive resources such as enterprise data and critical environments.
  • Often, the only thing standing between these variables and the attackers targeting them are poorly protected credentials.

Identity compromise may feel inevitable, but thankfully there are strategic moves organizations can make to greatly reduce risk. In this whitepaper, explore a multi-layered approach to securing users’ access that:

  • Uncovers security gaps, layer by layer.
  • Identifies the security controls needed for protecting each layer.
  • Secures access for all users.
  • Reduces the attack surface and mitigates vulnerabilities.
Building a Multi-layered Approach to Securing Access