Closing Your Third-Party Risk Vulnerability Gap

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When it comes to third-party risk management (TPRM), most organizations today face a significant challenge: the sheer volume of third parties has exploded while organizational resources have not kept pace. This surge in third-party relationships pushes the capacity of traditional risk management practices to their limits, leading to a widening TPRM vulnerability gap. This scenario exposes many organizations to unassessed and unmitigated risks, potentially creating disaster if not addressed swiftly and effectively.

What’s needed is a TPRM force multiplier – a comprehensive solution that can modernize programs, eliminate tradeoffs and elevate human performance. This force multiplier should be capable of seamlessly integrating with existing processes, thereby enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness. By introducing advanced automation and AI capabilities, it can facilitate faster and more accurate risk assessments, enabling teams to keep pace with the increasing volume of third-party relationships.

Download our white paper and learn how to identify, measure and ultimately eliminate your Third-Party Risk Management vulnerability gap. You’ll learn:

  • The four proven pillars of a modern, successful Third-Party Risk Management program
  • Ways to rethink the assessment process and shorten cycle times without sacrificing rigor
  • Techniques to assess large organizations that don’t respond to questionnaires
  • How to extend your team to gain coverage of your entire vendor ecosystem, not just the high-risk third parties
Closing Your Third-Party Risk Vulnerability Gap