Cybersecurity in Education

Discussion Topics

From K-12 to colleges and universities, the education sector is no stranger to cyber attacks. Your school or university is a treasure trove of information worth its weight in gold to hackers. Personally identifiable information ripe for social engineering attacks, payment card details, even healthcare information can be found through educational institutions if the bad guys know how to get in. You need a multi-layered approach to mitigate cybersecurity risk and keep your faculty, staff, and student data secure. Read this whitepaper by Osterman Research to get actionable need-to-know advice and information to help you protect your educational institution and shore up your cyber defenses. Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why hackers consider educational institutions high-value targets
  • How such institutions are vulnerable
  • What steps can be taken to mitigate these risks and protect your organization against these attacks
  • Why schools and universities need security awareness training as their last line of defense

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Cybersecurity in Education