Empowering Today’s Workforce with a Security First Strategy

Discussion Topics

Securing Workforce Access with Intelligent Privilege Controls

A security-first strategy for the distributed workforce.

With 52% of the workforce having access to sensitive enterprise resources, it’s no longer just the IT admins working in high-risk environments that need intelligent privilege controls. It’s literally every single identity with access to your company’s internal resources and infrastructure.To protect your organization from these threats, you need intelligent privilege controls that can securely authenticate all identities, monitor their activities, and enforce the principle of least privilege. However, many security teams face three common challenges that prevent them from implementing such controls effectively.

  • Lack of effective controls to securely authenticate all identities.
  • Limited visibility into activities of employees, external contributors and third-party vendors.
  • Inefficient IT practices that prevent them from adopting modern security solutions.

In this white paper, you’ll explore how to overcome these challenges using a security-first strategy that is designed with the needs of today’s distributed workforce in mind. You will discover actions you can take to enhance your security posture, mitigate risks, and deliver business value with intelligent privilege controls.

Empowering Today’s Workforce with a Security First Strategy