Four Ways to Secure Identities as Privilege Evolves

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Any user can become privileged in certain conditions. This includes everyday employees using business applications in which they can access — and take actions with — the resources attackers aim to exploit. And whether you’re a CIO or a PAM admin, you likely see this evolution of privilege occurring regularly.

Protecting your users’ identities — from securing authentication to granting, certifying and revoking access — is essential. But it’s not easy, as the users and apps requiring protection grow in number and scope. So how can your team rise to this challenge?

In this white paper explore how to:

  • Extend intelligent privilege controls to your entire workforce, safeguarding passwords and securing high-risk sessions in web apps.
  • Automate complex identity management tasks, from provisioning to deprovisioning, streamlining processes.
  • Regularly certify access to privileged accounts to comply with audits and uphold the principle of least privilege access.
Four Ways to Secure Identities as Privilege Evolves